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    Additional Family Tree charts (PDF format)

    Daggett Family Crest and Name History


   Volume I


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   Volume II


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    Views of Pickhill village green.

    Map of Pickhill village green.

    The Four Generations  

    Party at Wandsworth

    Family Groups at wandsworth

    Lita, Wilfred and Joyce

    Hilda, Gladys, Kenneth

    Sonia Lita and Derek


    Geoffrey, Joyce and family

    Ilene, Michael and Christopher Batt

    Audrey, Christine and Graham

    Stephen Daggett and Duck

    G.W.Daggett’s flying career


    G.W.Daggetts bombing raids

    Sortie Map .htm format

    Sortie Map .pdf format

    Bombing raid story

    G.W.Daggetts RAF service

    Ghana airways DC10

    Israeli's blow-up Dads aircraft

    Aircraft flown by Capt. G.W.Daggett

    Aircraft Thumbnails


    Genealogy sites

    A Daggett family site from USA (who's descendants arrived on the Mayflower)

   Other websites created by C.M.Daggett



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