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        ca.1953  Geoffrey Daggett & 3 sons - Martin, Clive and Stephen.


   This seasonal picture - the bony child is very interested in the clown’s Donald Duck - was taken on Saturday at the childrens Christmas party given at the Post Office Savings Bank, Kew. It was one of the biggest given in the district, more than 350 children being entertained by the Social and Sports Association of the Bank.

   After tea, served by members of the office canteen staff, the children had community singing  and entertainment by a conjuror and clown. They then walked in single file through Father Christmas’s house, made by four members of the staff, and each received a gift from Father Christmas. Before they left each child received a bag of fruit. The cost of the party was met from donations made by members of the Association.

This picture appeared in the London Evening Newspaper 1951 of Stephen Geoffrey DAGGETT  b.1949.

Picture taken at Shamley Green 1951.

L-R : Martin, Joyce, Stephen and Clive.

Michael, Christopher and Eileen Batt.

Graham & Christine Pinch and Audrey Morley.

Allan and Margaret Morley and family members.

Allan (centre back) is descended from his Grandmother Gladys Alice Ough (b.1894-1994) née Daggett, and his mother Audrey Morley (née Ough).

The Daggett’s  -  Heyshott Green, West Sussex.  2013

Post Office savings Bank Christmas party at Kew, London. 1951-52

James, Anna, Eve, Daisy and Bailey Daggett

Eve Daggett ( front row 2nd from left) after winning an Irish dance competition 2018

Barnes Common  ca.1951 Joyce ,Geoff & Family

Stephen Geoffrey Daggett

1966 aged 17 years

FairOaks airfield 1951