G.W.DAGGETT (second from right), meeting Canadian prime minister Mackenzie King and ANTHONY EDEN in 1943, during his pilot training in Canada.


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One of the first official gestures of the Right HON. ANTHONY EDEN, English foreign affairs minister, a few moments after his arrival in Ottawa, was to shake hands with the Canadian airmen who formed a guard of honour around the four-engined ' Liberator ' bomber plane which was brought from the United States. " Here are our airmen ", declared Prime Minister Mackenzie King ( on the extreme left ) whom he cordially congratulated as our future " aces " who will carry out the bombing raids over Germany.

Anthony Eden became Prime Minister of Great Britain 1955 - 1957

See short video clip below:-

I’ve often wondered how RAF bomber crew were trained in parachute jumping. This following clip demonstrates this perfectly. They jumped from a high metal gantry.

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