Sketch Plan of N. & E.Yorkshire.

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Borthwick Institute (St.Anthony's Hall), York.

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Pickhill Village Green.

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Daggett Arms.

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Excerpts from Pickhill Parish Registers.

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1, 2, 3 views of College Street, York.


4. All saintsPavement, York showing Lantern


Thomas William and Alice married there 1840.

5. Goodramgate through Bedern entrance, York.

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Oath of the Merchant Taylors Company.

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Inside Methodist Sunday School 1832.

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Map of part of York 1852 showing Methodist School.

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Modern map of York.

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The Black Swan, Peasholme Green, York.

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John Daggett's Christmas Card.


The Four Generations - John, Thomas William,


Wilfred John, Wilfred Francis" 1918.


(Wilfred Francis moved !! ).

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Christmas Party at Wanstead ca. 1938.

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Family Groups at Wanstead. 1 ca. 1918 / 2, 3 ca. 1938.




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Lita, Wilfred senior, Joyce ca. 1944.

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1 - Hilda; 2 - Gladys; 3 -Kenneth;


4 - No.12 Lake House Road, Wanstead.

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Sonia Lita and Derek.

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1 - Robin. 2 - Peggy, Wilfred junior, Ilene.


3 - Hayley Michelle.

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Dodsworth-Metcalfe Pedigrees.

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Potter-Pearson Pedigrees.

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Memorial Card to Adalaide Yull (note spelling).

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Yull Pedigree.

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Hebdon-Coggin Pedigree.

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Coggin-Hebdon-Daggett-Foreman Pedigree.

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Excerpt from lst Edition One-inch Ordnance Survey Map.

On page   15/2a      

Excerpt from modern 1:50 000 Ordnance Survey Map.


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